A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

A procedural generated thrilling maze.

Made for the SCREAM JAM 2019 as my first ever game jam.


Movement: wasd

Toggle flashlight: F

Settings: escape

Note: I forgot to remove a debug feature so pressing space will restart the game. I will remove that after the jam voting has ended.


GetOut.zip 302 MB
GetOut_linux.zip 310 MB


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I wasn't entirely sure what I was doing but I enjoyed it (when I eventually found out you can change mouse sensitivity haha). The sounds created a great scry atmosphere! I accidentally pressed space on my last play through which deterred me form playing haha! Great gam though! :D Gameplay starts at 5:19 if interested :)

This was intense! A lot of fun! The procedural generation allows for a good amount of reliability and keeps each playthrough feeling fresh! Here's my playthrough:

Best one i've played so far, good work!